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Tech Takedowns & Satellite Setbacks: Navigating the New Digital and Space Frontier

* The FBI's takedown of the LockBit ransomware group last week came as LockBit was preparing to release sensitive data stolen from government computer systems in Fulton County, Ga -

* SpaceX will de-orbit 100 Starlink satellites with unidentified flaw - Devin Coldewey,

The descents will be triggered “in the coming weeks and months,” but these satellites aren’t capable of big moves, so this is more of a nudge in the downward direction. The de-orbit process will actually take about six months, during which they will also “take maneuver responsibility for any high-risk conjunctions,” meaning if they happen to cross paths with other satellites, the Starlink ones will politely move out of the way.

They will fall one by one, not all together, so don’t bother watching the skies.

Users of Starlink need not fear, however, since there are still thousands of functioning satellites up there. Nearly 6,000 have been launched to date, and 406 have been de-orbited, and others may not be operational, but there are more than enough of them to serve customers.

* Range Woes Dim Luster Of F-150 EV

Some buyers said the electric Lightning did not meet expectations, and Ford has slashed its production plans for the pickup because sales are lagging.

Still, the industry is forging ahead. Analysts estimate that 1.5 million electric vehicles will be sold this year, up from almost 1.2 million in 2023. The Biden administration is expected to complete new emissions rules next month. Its proposal would, in effect, require battery-powered cars to make up two-thirds of all light-vehicle sales by 2032.