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Screen Addiction: The Silent Epidemic Affecting All of Us

In this episode, we delve into "The Silent Epidemic Eating Away American Minds", exploring the alarming rise of screen addiction and its profound impact on mental health, particularly in children and teens. Through the story of Billy, a young boy whose behavior improved after a screen fast, we illustrate the dangers of excessive screen time, inc ...

Tech Rollbacks, Deepfake Solutions, and SpaceX's Bold Moves

Explore the latest in tech and space in our new episode, where we discuss Google's decision to roll back its AI search feature to reduce errors, and dive into the challenges of regulating audio deepfakes with insights from ElevenLabs' CEO. We also uncover the significance of digital audio watermarking in combating AI misuse. Plus, get the scoop ...

Tech Influence and Innovations: Shaping Votes and Customer Experiences

We explore a groundbreaking study by Dr. Robert Epstein and the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, revealing how tech companies can influence undecided voters through search suggestions, potentially shifting election outcomes without detection. We also examine the live chat software market's growth, expected to reach $1.7 ...

In this episode we delve into the upcoming changes to Venmo's transaction fees, effective July 1, 2024, and how they will impact users receiving payments for goods and services. We also discuss Surgeon General Vivek Murthy's urgent call for warning labels on social media apps to protect children, and the latest push by US lawmakers to ban TikTok ...

AI Revolution in Music & Sam's Alarm Clock Idea

In this exciting episode, we dive into the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on music creation. Discover how AI is transforming the music industry, from composing underscores to generating hit songs. Later in the episode, join us for a hilarious and innovative brainstorming session as Sam unveils his quirky new idea on an Alarm clo ...

Streaming's Ad Invasion, Connected Cars Boom, and Touchscreen Innovations

We explore the rapidly changing landscape of ad-free streaming. Once a haven from commercials, streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video have begun integrating ads, making it harder than ever to avoid interruptions. We'll delve into how this shift impacts viewer experience and subscription costs. Additionally, we'll discus ...

Tech Takeover: T-Mobile's Big Move & The Future of Leadership in AI

In this episode, we dive into T-Mobile's recent $4.4 billion acquisition of US Cellular's wireless operations and spectrum assets, a strategic move that brings in an additional 4 million customers and strengthens T-Mobile's market position. We'll explore the details of the deal, including the new master license agreement for over 2,000 towers an ...

Revamping Siri: Apple's Bold Leap into Generative A.I.

Apple is set to revolutionize Siri, its iconic virtual assistant, with an ambitious generative A.I. upgrade, marking the most significant restructuring the tech giant has undertaken in over a decade. This decision was spurred by Apple's top software executives, Craig Federighi and John Giannandrea, who, after experiencing the capabilities of Ope ...

Cybersecurity Double Take: From National Threats to Safe Online Shopping

   This episode of our podcast delves into the urgent joint cybersecurity advisory issued by the FBI, alongside the U.S. Department of State and the National Security Agency, highlighting a serious threat posed by North Korean-backed hackers. Known as Kimsuky, these hackers are impersonating trusted individuals and organizations through sophisti ...

The AI Frontier

   In this episode, we delve into Microsoft's groundbreaking move into smaller AI systems, challenging the industry's obsession with size. From the Phi-3 series to the impact on accessibility and affordability, we explore how these innovations are reshaping AI applications across industries. Additionally, we discuss the alarming FBI report on th ...

   Join us on [Podcast Name] as we delve into the latest developments in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. From surprising legislative mandates to tech glitches and crash rate concerns, we've got you covered.

   We discuss the push to include AM radios in cars, Apple's efforts to fix glitchy iPhone alarms, and the higher crash rates of ...

   In this episode the TWR Team delves into the serious repercussions of the February cyberattack on UnitedHealth's subsidiary, Change Healthcare. An alarming amount of personal and health data from a significant portion of Americans was compromised. UnitedHealth has disclosed paying a ransom to protect this sensitive data, although the exact am ...

Echoes in the Code

   In this podcast we explore the surprising intersections of technology and daily life. Join us as we uncover the stories behind the statistics and meet the individuals whose quiet contributions keep our digital and real-world landscapes thriving. Whether it's a deep dive into the realm of sports fans or a thrilling recount of a cybersecurity s ...

Cracking the Code: Pen Testing and the Cybertruck Conundrum

  We delve into the realm of cybersecurity through the lens of penetration testing, a critical and intriguing field that addresses the security vulnerabilities of computer systems by simulating cyberattacks. Penetration testing, often referred to as "pen testing," involves skilled professionals known as penetration testers or ethical hackers, wh ...

Explore the essential protections of Cyber Insurance in this episode of NPI Tech Guys / TechWatch Radio. As cyber threats like ransomware and DDoS attacks grow more sophisticated, understanding and securing the right insurance is crucial for any business. We'll discuss what cyber insurance covers, its necessity in the face of increasing digital ...

Reels & Risks: The Cyber Pulse

* Instagram is working on a feature that would allow you to let others put a ‘Spin’ on your Reel - Aisha Malik.

* Instagram is working on a “Spins” feature for Reels, its short-form video TikTok clone, the company confirmed to TechCrunch.

* Suspect Your Computer Has Been Hacked? Do These 5 Things Now!


Byte Battles: From Apple's Courtroom to Bitcoin's Boom

* The Apple iPhone antitrust lawsuit from the DOJ -

* The DOJ’s case against Apple adds to a growing pile of antitrust problems for Cupertino.

* DOJ’s Apple antitrust case neatly aligns with EU on one key point: NFC and mobile payments.

* Bitcoin hits new high!

* Is A TikTok ban looking more and more like r ...

Future Tense: AI Evolution and the Battle Against Digital Deception

* Elon Musk: AI will run out of electricity and transformers in 2025 -

* Gemini, a Merger of a Chatbot and an Assistant, Enters the Arena - Cade Metz.

When will the standard digital assistant such as Seri and Alexa ETC. be replaced by the next gen chatbot?

* Brave’s Leo AI assistant is now available to Android user ...

Electric Dreams Deferred: The EV Industry's Roadblocks and Reality

* Lucid Motors plans to build just 9,000 electric vehicles in 2024, only 500 to 1,000 more than it made in 2023, as it struggles with demand for its luxury sedans. If it sticks to that number, that means Lucid will wind up building around 10% of the 90,000 EVs it predicted it could make -

* Mercedes-Benz on Thursday walked b ...

Audit-Ready: The Art of Compliance Mastery with Sam & Neuman

Compliance: Could You Pass an Audit Today?

* Sam and Neuman CSO of Network Providers, Inc. Discuss Company Wide Security.

NPI offers a free consult and plan for IT Compliance.

What is a table top discussion

Can you explain the basics of compliance and why it's critical for businesses?

What is the compliance that I a ...

Checkout Challenges, Tipping Dilemmas, and a Troublesome Win11 Update

* Even Retailers Are Fed Up With Self-Checkout Automated kiosks double theft rates, among other issues - Gina Carey.

Self-checkout machines aren't only annoying customers, Quartz reports, as a growing number of large retailers have begun rethinking the costly tech.

Last year, companies like Target, Walmart, Dollar General, and Britis ...

* Apple Vision Pro available in the U.S. on February 2.

* Apple Vision Pro: 7 Things to Know Before You Buy - Will Greenwald,

* ICANN proposes creating .INTERNAL domain to do the same job as 192.168.x.x! - The plan is to keep the world at bay by never recording it in the DNS root – like many already do with a subdomain for ...

* How to Be More Anonymous Online - Being fully anonymous is next to impossible—but you can significantly limit what the internet knows - Matt Burgess.

* Google Launches Plan to Kill (Non-Edible) Cookies Initiative to eliminate third-party trackers online begins with test of 1% of Chrome users - John Johnson.

If you are a Chrome user ...

Tetris Titans to AI Innovations

* American teenager named Willis Gibson, aka BlueScuti - Why Everyone Is Obsessed With the Kid Who Beat 'Tetris' - Angela Watercutter.

How do you Actually Win Tetris? By forcing the more than three-decade-old classic Nintendo video game into a "kill screen."

* Microsoft wants to add a Copilot key to your PC keyboard.

Microsoft ...

Tech Tomorrow: Simplifying Innovations and Cyber Safeguards

* Sam's Tech Goals for 2024 - 'Operation Tech Simplify'!

* New And Urgent Bank Account Fraud Alert!

The infamous Xenomorph Android malware, known for targeting 56 European banks in 2022, is back and in full force targeting US banks, financial institutions and cryptocurrency wallets.

Besides being alert to this scam (and you sho ...

Tech Frontiers: Litigation, Innovations, and CES Insights

* LITIGATION Apple Can Resume Selling Watches, a Court Allows. Apple can, for now, resume sales of its flagship smartwatches, after a US appeals court on Wednesday paused a government commission's import ban on the devices imposed in a patent dispute over its medical monitoring technology.

* CES 2024: What we’re expecting - TechCrunch.


Futuristic Frontiers: Data Centers and AI-Assisted Living

* Several companies are putting data centers underwater. Are these submerged data centers just a novelty -- or is data management really better down where it’s wetter? - Richard Pallardy.

* Microsoft staged the first large-scale underwater data center experiment beginning in 2015 Called Project Natick initiative.

The inert gases and ...

Deep Dive Tech: Exploring Underwater Data Centers and Beyond

* Gift card scams 2023: What to know about 'card draining' and other schemes to be aware of - Mary Walrath-Holdridge, USA Today.

Don't get duped out of your gift-buying money this holiday season.

Even the most tech and street-savvy of us can easily fall victim to these schemes if we aren't paying close attention.

Card draining ...

* Cyber Security Tip: What is the “dark web” anyway?

The “dark web” or “deep web” is a part of the World Wide Web we know and love that is accessible only via a special software that allows users and website operators to remain completely anonymous and untraceable. That’s why it’s the playground for hackers, cybercriminals, drug deals, hum ...

* Amazon will no longer accept Venmo as a payment option starting next month - However, Will still accept Venmo debit and credit cards.

* Sam and Jay discuss Credit Cards, High Tech Payment Methods and More!

* Police Issue Warning to Parents About New iPhone Feature - Jack Davis.

Police agencies around the country are issuing w ...

The Roku Reign, Cybertruck's Countdown, and TikTok's Triumph in Montana

* Best streaming device overall: Roku Express 4K Plus.

* Tesla’s cheapest Cybertruck won’t drop until 2025! - The automaker now estimates it’ll charge $60,990 — or $53,490 after $7,500 in federal tax credits. That’s more than the starting price for a Ford Lightning or Silverado EV (both around $50,000).

* Federal judge blocks Montana ...

The Playlist Prescription: Music's Impact on Pain Perception

* Your favorite, bittersweet tunes may help relieve pain better than unfamiliar, relaxing music.

Participants in a small study said that pain less unpleasant by about nine points on a 100 point scale when they were listening to their preferred music.

Research has long suggested that music can help lower pain perception without medica ...

Acceleration vs. Contemplation: Sam and Jay's Dilemma

* Feds Want To Install Speed-Limiting Devices On All New Cars - MSN.

The ISA tech utilizes a car's GPS, a database of speed limits, and onboard cameras to ensure compliance with legal speeds.

Sam Advocates for the slow down of (not only cars) but, life in General.

Jay advocates for speeding things up via using technology and hi ...