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Audit-Ready: The Art of Compliance Mastery with Sam & Neuman

Compliance: Could You Pass an Audit Today?

* Sam and Neuman CSO of Network Providers, Inc. Discuss Company Wide Security.

NPI offers a free consult and plan for IT Compliance.

What is a table top discussion

Can you explain the basics of compliance and why it's critical for businesses?

What is the compliance that I am looking for in my line of business

What are the most common compliance standards that businesses need to be aware of?

How can a company determine if it's currently compliant with relevant regulations?

What steps should a company take to prepare for a compliance audit?

What Are the types of things you see in an audit

Can you share a success story of a business that improved its compliance processes?

What are the risks of non-compliance for businesses in today's digital landscape?

How can MSPs assist businesses in staying compliant?

It seems overwhelming but line up on line, along with guidance from the right people around you, makes all the difference.

What types of administraters are there?