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Checkout Challenges, Tipping Dilemmas, and a Troublesome Win11 Update

* Even Retailers Are Fed Up With Self-Checkout Automated kiosks double theft rates, among other issues - Gina Carey.

Self-checkout machines aren't only annoying customers, Quartz reports, as a growing number of large retailers have begun rethinking the costly tech.

Last year, companies like Target, Walmart, Dollar General, and British grocer Booths have pared down (and in some cases eliminated) how the automated systems work in their chains, largely due to theft.

Shoppers are 21 times more likely to slip purchases past scanners than they are human cashiers, doubling theft rates in stores.

* Tipping Etiquette: When You Must Tip, When Its OK Not to Tip?

* Have you installed the December 2023 Windows 11 update? You should know about how the Windows 11 update breaks Wi-Fi networks.

The Windows 11 update breaks Wi-Fi networks by affecting your adapter's ability to connect with the network. The connectivity issues in the Windows 11 update aren't always consistent across all networks. While you might easily connect to your home network, your adapter might struggle to connect to others.

You'll most likely experience problems if you use an enterprise, education, or public Wi-Fi network using 802.1x authentication to connect to an enterprise, public, or education Wi-Fi network.

You can fix in two ways:

Disabling 802.11r.

You can solve the problem by using the Known Issues Rollback feature. Microsoft developed this feature to deal with non-security bugs that occur from updates.