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Google's Incognito Illusion, Facebook Scam Alert, YouTube's Job Cuts, and Tandem's Financial App for Couples

* INCOGNITO BUT NOT VERY PRIVATE — Chrome updates Incognito warning to admit Google tracks users in “private” mode - Jon Brodkin

Google is updating the warning on Chrome's Incognito mode to make it clear that Google and websites run by other companies can still collect your data in the web browser's semi-private mode.

The change is being made as Google prepares to settle a class-action lawsuit that accuses the firm of privacy violations related to Chrome's Incognito mode.

Many tech-savvy people already know that while private modes in web browsers prevent some data from being stored on your device, they don't prevent tracking by websites or Internet service providers. But many other people may not understand exactly what Incognito mode does, so the more specific warning could help educate users.

* Facebook Scams, All the Rage!

* YouTube to eliminate 100 employees as layoffs at Google continue - Lauren Forristal,

Last week, Google laid off more than 1,000 workers across several divisions, including engineering, services, and voice-activated product Google Assistant.

We’re only three weeks into the new year and already have seen dozens of companies across the tech industry face job reductions, including Discord, Twitch, Prime Video and MGM Studios, as well as Audible, Duolingo, Instagram, Pixar and Unity, among others.

* Tandem gives ‘modern couples’ app to manage finances together and separately, Christine Hall.

Tandem, fintech app for modern couples

“It gives you the experience of a joint account without actually having to have one”