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* Sam's Tech Goals for 2024 - 'Operation Tech Simplify'!

* New And Urgent Bank Account Fraud Alert!

The infamous Xenomorph Android malware, known for targeting 56 European banks in 2022, is back and in full force targeting US banks, financial institutions and cryptocurrency wallets.

Besides being alert to this scam (and you should let your spouse, partners and family know as well), you should be aware of a few ways to protect yourself.

Remember, bank fraud can manifest itself in several forms.

To protect yourself, use strong, unique passwords for your online banking accounts and never store them in your browser.

Always turn on multifactor authentication (MFA) so you’re notified if anyone tries to log into your accounts without your knowledge.

* The Race to Put Brain Implants in People Is Heating Up - Emily Mullin. - Thanks in part to Elon Musk, the field of brain-computer interfaces has captured both public and investor interest, with a cadre of companies now developing implantable devices.