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Secure Surfing: Navigating macOS Flaws, Browser Battles, and Cybersecurity Myths

* macOS Update 17.2.1 - update your Apple computer.

* The big security flaw is a Screen Sharing flaw that lets a person connected to your computer see the screen when they should not.

* As a practice Apple does not disclose security exploits - Call it security through obscurity – it’s a garbage idea and doesn't work.

* Consider Bitdefender. Grab a copy from Amazon.

* Also, you should probably dump Safari At all the security hacking conferences, Safari is the first browser to be compromised. It’s too easy a target and it unlocks the rest of the system. For web browsers, I really like Brave, I also enjoy Opera. DuckDuckGo has a cool browser too.

* Out With The Old: Debunking 5 Common Cybersecurity Myths To Get Ready For The New Year -

* In today’s hyperconnected world, cybersecurity is a critical concern for individuals and organizations alike. However, as the digital landscape evolves, so do the myths and misconceptions surrounding cybersecurity. If you want to be protected, you have to understand what the real threats are and how you could be unknowingly overlooking them every single day.

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