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Cyber Shadows: Unveiling the Dark Web & Navigating AI Frontiers

* Cyber Security Tip: What is the “dark web” anyway?

The “dark web” or “deep web” is a part of the World Wide Web we know and love that is accessible only via a special software that allows users and website operators to remain completely anonymous and untraceable. That’s why it’s the playground for hackers, cybercriminals, drug deals, human trafficking and more.

Because hacking is a for-profit business, there are criminal entities that steal, combine, and sell personal information on the dark web, like passwords, social security numbers, bank account information and credit cards.

If your network or one of the people in your company has been breached, your password and other credentials will show up on the dark web.

* Find out what data you have on the dark web before someone uses it to gain more access to your systems – but be careful! Some websites offering this are scams designed to con you into giving private credentials.

* If you want to know what’s out there on the dark web about you, your company, and your employees, join our mailing list, contact us and we’ll do a free dark web scan for you.

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* NotebookLM, originally called Project Tailwind, starts by creating a data set of your source * Google’s NotebookLM Aims to Be the Ultimate Writing Assistant - Steven Johnson.

“NotebookLM is an experimental AI-powered note taking tool that helps you learn faster by reading and understanding your documents, generating summaries, answering your questions, and even helping you brainstorm new ideas.”