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Live from Vegas: Exploring Boxabl, Mint's Shutdown, and Plex's New Social Features

* Sam Reports Live From Vegas At The HQ!


* Intuit: Shutting Down Mint, A personal finance and Budgeting App.

Intuit, which acquired Mint in 2009, is encouraging users to switch to Credit Karma, its money management and credit score service.

Credit Karma does not offer a budgeting tool that allows users to set a monthly budget and budgets by category, a favorite feature of Mint users. Mint allowed users to link their spending accounts to the service, so purchases could be automatically categorized as restaurants, groceries or bills, making it easier to track spending.

* Plex Media software startup and streamer is expanding its service to become more of a social network, not just a way to organize your home media or stream free content.

Plex Discover Together Lets You See Your Friends' Streaming Activity.