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Digitally altered or deepfake photos incident makes some rethink what they post online

* Girls at Westfield High School in New Jersey were left shocked when they discovered boys were circulating fake nude photos of them, according to a Thursday report from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

* at least one student had used online tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to create fake nude photos of their female classmates using pictures of them that were already on the internet.

* Digitally altered or deepfake photos and videos have exploded in recent years. Briefly searching online will lead users to dozens of tools that offer face-swapping and "clothes-removing" capabilities. Pornographic material makes up the majority of deepfakes created on the internet.

* TikTok, is now the home to a steady stream of deepfake videos.

* Because there is no law against deepfake porn creation, victims may not have a clear legal avenue to press charges against the creators of the deepfakes.

* The incident has made the girls rethink what they post online, and some decided to delete social media altogether.